Reserved seats -   If you have reserved a seat assignment, you must still check-in. Reserved seats are subject to cancellation if not claimed at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time (45 minutes for non-US and overseas flights). 

Check-in requirements -   All ticketed passengers must show a government issued photo identification at check-in. Children must have a parent present at check-in. Tickets, or eticket reservations must be in each passenger's name as it appears on the photo identification.

Non-US travel An international trip may require valid travel documents such as, but not limited to: passport, visa, re-entry permit, health certificate, inoculation record, a ticket for the return journey or continuance of your trip or ANY combination thereof.  Newfie Search is NOT responsible for your travel documents. You are responsible for acquiring the proper documentation. Concerns about the required travel documents may be resolved by contacting the appropriate consulate, embassy, or government agency.

Schedule change - Schedule changes are made by the airline when it changes flight times or numbers at its discretion. If known about in advance, we will send changes to you prior to your flight. Often schedule changes are unexpected and at the last minute. You may want to call the airline 24 hours prior to your departure time to check your flight schedule.

Luggage limitations - In general, you are allowed two items of checked baggage per person and one personal and one carry-on item. Luggage requirements can vary by airline and may change due to security or other regulations. Airlines reserve the right to assess an additional charge at the time of check in for three or more pieces of luggage and/or for non-standard luggage.

Stand-by - Stand-by availability is at the discretion of the airline. Additionally, some airlines may charge fees for flying stand-by on the same day as your departure.

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