Taxes The price of the tickets includes taxes and fees which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. Taxes and fees, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel are either included in the fare or shown separately in the "TAX" box(es) of the ticket(s).

Refundable or transferable Tickets - Unfortunately tickets are NOT refundable or transferable.

Fees for changing tickets Some major airline carriers, including but not limited to, US Airways, American and Delta, have changed their exchange policies for non-refundable tickets. Changes to tickets prior to departure date may result in large change fees plus additional applicable charges. On your departure date, the airline may charge additional fees for stand-by passengers. After departure, your ticket may have no residual value. 

Cancellation insurance -  Cancellation insurance is not available.

Back to back ticketWhen coupons from two or more tickets are issued at round trip fares for the purpose of circumventing restrictions. Airlines and travel agents are prohibited from issuing such tickets. Each airline reserves the right to deny transportation to passengers found using tickets in this manner. Travelers will be responsible for the difference between the fare paid and the fare of the actual itinerary.
Ticketing An eticket, or electronic ticket, represents your reservation for a flight, but is not in a paper format. You will be supplied a confirmation number as your proof of purchase. You will not receive a paper ticket. With an eticket, your name and flight details will be in the airline's computer. An eticket is NOT a boarding pass. You will still have to check-in to receive your boarding pass.  New regulations require you to present a printed receipt of your e-ticket purchase in order to receive a boarding pass. Please be certain to print your confirmation details page or your confirmation email and bring it with you to the airport. Failure to do so will result in your inability to board your flight.

Paper ticket Airlines charge fees for paper tickets issued when electronic ticketing is available. Therefore, we issue all tickets electronically unless a paper ticket is required by the airline. When required, paper tickets do not have additional fees other than shipping charges.

Service fee A non-refundable service fee is charged at the time of booking in order to offer you the lowest prices and access to our customer care agents 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year (including holidays). This fee is $10 per ticket.

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